Course Guide

Welcome to Belmont Links

The Wanganui Golf Club was established in 1894 and most of the 18 holes at the Belmont course are named after events or prominent names associated with the club at that time. Let’s take a journey through all 18 holes that make Belmont a memorable golfing experience.

#5 – Quarries

In the earlier days players hitting off the 5 tee were driving over part of a quarry. You can only see the flag stick from the elevated championship tee. You don’t
want your drive to be too far left or right. A 3 wood is a good option.

C – 354 M – 308 W – 289

#6 – Land’s End

This par 4 gets its name from the fact the hole is the furthest away from the clubhouse. Long and straight is the name of the game here. Greenside bunkers can make life difficult.

C – 351 M – 343 W – 315

#7 – The Slope

This par 3 is named for the shape of the green which slopes from back to front, and from tee to green is a gradual rise. There’s a lot of carry demanded with your tee shot. A ball landing on the front of the green can often roll back down the fairway.

C – 166 M – 146 W – 112

#8 – Long Tom

The longest hole on the course and is another hole that tips its hat to conflicts of the 19th century. Long Tom was a type of cannon used in both the US Civil War and in the second Boer War. Your tee shot on this par 5 takes you down into a valley before heading back up the fairway with a dog-leg left.

C – 519 M – 497 W – 428

#9 – Terawhiti

One of the most picturesque holes at Belmont, this short par 3 takes golfers from an elevated tee onto a green almost encircled by bunkers. Forget the flag and go for the centre of the green.

C – 126 M – 115 W -115

#10 – Alma

The green is obscured by a hill (the highest point on the course) you have to hit over. This par 4 can be a testing hole with a sou’easterly wind blowing, but a good drive that finds the fairway will be rewarded.

C – 385 M – 365 W – 365

#11 – Encampment

The name for this par 5 recognises the club’s original course a few kilometres away before the move was made to Belmont. Your drive is from an elevated tee onto a fairway that shapes to the left, leaving a long, straight run into the big green guarded by bunkers left and right.

C – 488 M – 454 W – 408

#12 – French Pass

This challenging par 3, with out-of-bounds to the left and a hill to the right, means hitting through an intimidating narrow gap directly in front of the tee box.

C –195 M – 173 W – 141

#13 – Bunker Hill

The second hardest hole on the course, sees you drive blind to a fairway that shapes to the left over the hill. Out-of-bounds is left of the tee box. A solid straight drive is the key to this par 4. Going for the green with your second is a matter of risk and reward; miss left or right and you’ll be in the sand.

C – 381 M – 341 W – 307

#14 – Dress Circle

This par 4 is one of the signature holes at Belmont. Sometimes a 3 wood is the best option off the tee to give you a full second shot to the elevated green. Depending on the pin placement, this green is a serious test.

C – 286 M – 270 W 229

#15 – Belmont

The elevated tee next to the clubhouse provides great views towards the city from this par 4. Taking the middle road means avoiding trees left and right about halfway along the fairway. A fairly narrow entrance opens up a big green with bunkers either side.

C – 404 M – 404 W – 404

#16 – Balgownie

Here’s another par 4 which takes its name from the club’s original course in Gonville in the late 1800s. Keeping your drive long and straight is the plan before you hit into a big undulating green.

C – 385 M – 305 W – 305

#17 – Tiger

This challenging par 4 is another of those Belmont holes which involves a blind tee shot through a narrow gap onto the broad fairway. The green is well guarded by bunkers and has a very narrow throat, so don’t be short or wide.

C – 360 M – 342 W – 328

#18 – Imlay

This is a spectacular finishing par 4 and deservedly the number one shot hole at Belmont. Avoid the deep bunker to the left halfway along the fairway. And steer clear of the big bunkers covering both sides of another huge green that slopes from back to front.

C – 416 M – 385 W – 385

The Wanganui Golf Club has implemented the following Covid 19 protection policy, effective from 4 April 2022

The course is open to all members and visiting players, whether they are vaccinated or not. If you are unwell please stay home.

Please wear a mask in the Clubhouse & shop. Players are encouraged to socially distance as appropriate and respect the choices of other members.

This policy has been adopted to allow us to operate all facilities as close to normal under
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